One way to overcome entrepreneurial roadblocks

A fairly common quote I use is “The grass is always greener”.  This translates into not really ever feeling satisfied, no matter what you wish.  In the context of being a solopreneur, for me, it means that when I have plenty of work, I wish it was slower.  And when it’s slow, I wish it was busy.  I let myself become complacent, and laziness quickly sets in.  I’ve been guilty of this recently, but I can tell you guilt is setting in.

A few things that help break up the log jam of laziness for me is catching up on podcasts.  I added a new one to my list recently:  ProBlogger.  It is an Australian podcast that contains a wealth of knowledge of how to build, promote, and monetize your blog.  It’s a great resource.

When I get lazy, setting aside a block of time thinking about my passion always gets me fired up.  I identify what my road blocks are, and then I break them into small chunks.  For instance, lately I’ve been thinking about how to get the word out about my business.  I think about networking events, and then I immediately think of the road block…I need business cards.  So I enlisted the help of my wife, who went out to and bought a nice set.  I then think about how I need to have a website to send people to, from the business cards.  I took a few days to look through WordPress templates, buy hosting and domain, and then install the WordPress site.  I settle on BlueHost, but I’ve also had a good support experience with InMotion.  Both are USA based (links below).  I was even able to import demo content from the theme company, so that I didn’t have to rebuild the site.

Hosting Options:

BlueHost InMotion Web Hosting $3.95

Need Room To Grow? 3 Great Plans


You Can Do It


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