How to Turn Your Freelance Side Hustle into a Full Time Job

Recently I was listening to one of my many podcasts, and I started listening to a personal finance podcast that was set in terms of a side hustle.  The interview was with Eric Rosenberg.  It was in line with what I’m trying to accomplish, so I went to go learn more about Eric.

Curious how he made his money through freelance writing, I saw that he participated in a speaking engagement in Alabama.  From the article, you can click a link to go see his video on “How to Turn Your Freelance Side Hustle into a Full Time Job”.

Most things he spoke about I have tried to incorporate into my quest:

  • Get a website
  • Network
  • Find your niche
  • Advertise yourself

I’ve been freelancing for over 7 years now, and at this moment, I have 2 stable clients, both are marketing agencies who need a web developer “on staff”.  While this is good, I could handle more.  I have several websites to help advertise my services, but I don’t nearly spend enough time advertising them.  Maybe it’s self sabotage not to do this (for fear of becoming too busy), but I imagine the transition to full time self-employment would seem more possible once I did.  Only time (and effort) will tell.

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  1. Awesome motivation for me Tyler! I’d love to turn my side hustle / passion project into a decent income producing venture as well. Right now, my full-time job is very important to me and my family so I see being employed there for at least the next 10 years but in the meantime, I’m working on building up my business just like you. Thanks for the inspiration to keep pushing forward.

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