How to make $2000 a week with nothing but your laptop

I think my lovely wife was tired of listening to me repeatedly talking about entrepreneurship and how I dream for the day to work for myself.  Because I received this link from her:

This article was a good reality check on the cons of working for yourself.  I have to hand it to her…she knows me well.  She knows I get caught up in all the good things and don’t stop to think about the bad things.

She and I once worked with each other for 6 years…working remotely.  Now 4 years later, it’s easy to see how lonely that was.  The “water cooler” talk and  relating to coworkers about their weekends are things that you actually missed.

This article touches on another aspect that I worry about…laziness.  Over the years, my skills have improved because I’ve usually been handed a project by a paying client, and my office could afford to let me have had that “sink or swim” attitude and learn by doing.  Learning the technology by doing always yielded the best results.  What if my skills in entrepreneurship get atrophy because I only serve the clients I know I can serve immediately?

This was a good article, though.  You need to have that perspective of what being a one-man business can do to your soul.

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