How to Become an Appreneur

Wikipedia defines an Appreneur as “an entrepreneur who works in the mobile device application industry”.  It also states “the first attribute is that being an appreneur is extremely niche specific. While entrepreneurs span all markets, industries and business models, appreneurs are 100% focused on the app industry”.  I had never heard of it, but it makes sense, because there is already so many mashup titles, like Solopreneur, for example.

To title yourself as an Appreneur, implies that it’s all you do.  In my opinion, it also implies that you have the entrepreneurial spirit.  This is good, because when you’re looking for an app, you would probably first look at those who are experts in app development.  I generally don’t like the idea of pigeon-holing myself into one niche, though, because while I’m skilled at app development, my skills span in so many different directions.  It doesn’t hurt to add the title, though, right??

If you are starting off with a technical background, looking to get into the app world but don’t have the skills yet, you could title yourself as an Appreneur within a short timespan.  In fact I stumbled upon this book on Amazon: Appreneurship:

Build A Mobile App Business With No Technical Background

I’ve seen first hand how mobile development has transformed from requiring knowledge of XCode and Java to build separate iOS and Android mobile apps, to simply having web development skills that works on both platforms.  It truly is amazing how the learning curve has dropped to a hill, rather than a mountain.

If the idea of becoming an Appreneur interests you, I would love to help.  Please signup for my newsletter and also use the contact form to reach out to me.  I can help sort through this, if you have web development skills and would like to dive into mobile development.


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