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Mentor Definition

Find a mentor to help achieve clarity.

Being able find a mentor was something I thought to be difficult.  Being a solo entrepreneur, many would agree that it’s hard to hold yourself accountable when taking steps to strike out on your own.  It’s especially tough when you work full-time and have a family.  I find myself getting frustrated in not taking action to move forward, because with a passion, all you want to do is go, go, go!

Living in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, I have found that entrepreneurship is alive and well.  There is a wealth of information online and people willing to help you.  If you think about it, people in general are willing to help with any need…all you have to do is seek and ask.

I recently did a search for mentors and mastermind groups.  I found an organization called SCORE (  SCORE is a nonprofit association dedicated to helping small businesses get off the ground, grow and achieve their goals through education and mentorship.  I was excited to find this because it offers advice and guidance from a real person…not just a webinar, paid subscription coaching, or forum based.

I reached out and a local SCORE volunteer contacted me.  He happens to live close to me, so we met at a local Starbucks.  He started off talking about SCORE and his background in the business world.  We then went into my reasons for needing a mentor and what I am hoping to accomplish with my business.  It was a great conversation, and after 1.5 hours, we finished with him going back and translating our conversation into an actionable plan.  I envision he will mostly be holding me accountable through follow-ups.

I’m glad I dig some searching.  I personally work better when I have someone to guide me through the business aspect of a business.

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