My Aspirations for Becoming an Entrepreneur

Why Become an Entrepreneur?

I stand before you today, January 13, 2017, a 43 year old man ready to bleed everything I have been learning on my journey to become an entrepreneur.  I hope my words strike a cord with you and help you on your journey.  There’s power in knowledge.  I find myself  constantly asking those who have far more experience “how do I do this?”.   Why reinvent the wheel, when people are more than happy to share experiences.  I’d like to be that resource someday…paying it forward.

As a kid I’ve always considered myself average.  I got average grades, I was of average size, average at sports, my family was an average middle-class family, etc.  I didn’t push myself hard because, as the youngest of 4 children, I had people to look up to and resemble.  I was happy not stepping out of the box.  It was comfortable.  Staying on the worn out path and you lessen the chances of becoming a failure.

Now I can’t say that everything in my life has been average.  My wife and kids, for example, are not average.  They are so much more.  I married someone extraordinarily non-average.  My wife has brought out the absolute best in me.  She taught me how to step up and step out.  Over time I began learning that it’s alright to want more from life, and it’s up to me (and only me) to go out and get it.  To many of you “non average” people, this may seem trivial.  But for me, it’s been like acquiring a new a skill!  I no longer feel that stepping outside the box increases the risk failure.  It’s just as likely to increase the risk of succeeding!  Undying love, support, loyalty, and even constructive criticism have allowed me to crack that fear of “rocking the boat”.

Tiger Rock World 2015

What will you gain by following me on this journey?  Knowledge…for better or worse.  My goal is to document my own transformation, and in the process, present perspective on what it’s like to have the desire and motivation to become your own boss.  Yes, I might fall a bit or even fail altogether.  But if I succeed, you’ll see one happy dude.  I have been average.  I don’t want to be average anymore.  You may be average too and don’t know how to transform into a better form of yourself.  Let me help.  Let’s do this…


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