A Community of Emmets

I was listening to a very awakening podcast today, and I wanted to share it with you.  Problogger.com has been a valuable resource when it comes to creating a blog to help grow your business.  Today’s podcast refers to ordinary bloggers/entrepreneurs becoming extra ordinary.  Simply put, he states, we are essentially a “community of Emmets”.  Emmet being the main character of the Lego movie.  He is an average, ordinary guy who becomes extra ordinary.

The premise of the podcast is how we all have little voices in our heads that make us feel ordinary or tell that we are out of our league when it comes to fulfilling a dream.  I’m sure I’m not alone when say that I too make myself feel inadequate and think to myself, “what am I doing?  I can’t make money outside of my day job.  I can’t sell myself enough that someone would want to spend money on my services”.

We’re not alone in our dreams.  There are countless examples of those who are average but become extra ordinary, simply because they do one thing…start doing.  It was once said that there are 2 things that ensure failure:  thinking and not doing, and doing but not thinking.  You need to find that minimum, low cost, amount of work on your business idea to get the ball rolling.  It might be brainstorming on several great domain names for your future website and then buying a 1-year term on that domain name.  It might be sitting down with a mentor, just to vet your idea to someone other than your best friend.  It can even be online research to know what the market is like for your idea.

I hope you enjoy this podcast.  It never fails that I feel good when I find good, sincere content that help support my own dream.

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