How to prepare yourself to become a Solopreneur

I think quite a bit about working for myself someday.  You’ll find several posts I’ve created that talk about getting that desire to strike out on my own and the healthy fear that comes along with it.  But I believe the greatest thing you can do is pretend the role, in preparation to becoming a Solopreneur.

If you take what you make today and erase it, could you survive without the full-time income?  Most would say no.  Ask yourself what needs to be in place to make that happen then?  First thing that comes to mind is to remove debt. Secondly (and equally important), is to work freelance to build up an extra source of consistent income.  The combination of the two will provide a taste of this kind of life and provide clarity.  And the key is that it is low risk.

On the issue of debt, I was listening to a podcast, which contradicted my thought of clearing it off your plate.  My thought is that you’ll want to remove all obstacles that might require you to go back to work.  However, according to the podcast, that is a mountain that could take years to complete.  Instead, they suggest stockpiling enough cash for that day when you feel confident enough to make the leap, and still be able to afford to service your debt.  I don’t disagree with this idea.

Happy Hustling!