How to get out of an entrepreneurial rut


I wish I knew the answer, but lately my mind has been in a fog.  I’ve been in a mode of wishful thinking and a lot of self loathing.  I haven’t given up on my dreams, but I have been doubting my purpose.  Many times I look at life up to this point and realize that many of the great things that have happened to me, have happened because they’ve fallen in my lap…not because I went out and got it.  I guess that’s the point of this blog…feeling average.

I do have moments, where I think about how I made things happen.  I’ve gotten tired of wishing for more money and landed a few clients that have produced solid work over the years.  I just don’t know if utilizing my web development skills is a “purpose”.  I went to a local life coach and he gave me some things to noodle on.  I’ve identified my interests but there was a section that had me put my interests in a sentence.  I hit a brick wall with this, mainly because it didn’t come naturally.  I know I could make something up, but it wouldn’t feel real.

If any of you “average” entrepreneurs have a great answer, please let me know.  In my gut I know this is a temporary feeling and just a slump.  But it sure sucks 🙂

Until we meet again, your take away from this is to take the good with the bad!